SELF Program


                 Adults, Sporting Clubs, Workplace, Schools.

The SELF program is about gaining resilience- it helps families find Happiness, Love and Understanding.

Self- belief in your ability

Eager to see the positive side of life

Listen to others showing empathy.

  Flexibility to change.

The program designed to help promote resilience, to assist with psychology negative responses that cause you to approach situations negatively. Through participating in the program, you will be able to approach anxiety, depression and any negative response you encounter in your life differently.

The presentation will be 1 ½ hours. You will be given a diary to record the following. Gratitude. Empathy and you experience of 3 minutes of Mindfulness each day for one month.

Bookings essential -Payment seven days before attending.

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Group Therapy for Teenagers. 12-18

Group Therapy for Teenagers  ages 12-18

Group Therapy is a powerful tool to assist teenagers to work though their various issues such as anxiety, depression, friendship, self-esteem, bullying, social media issues and eating habits.

What happens in Groups?

It builds up self-esteem and self- confidence.

New friendships formed.

Learn to appreciate what they have.

How to interact with adults effectively.

The group runs fortnightly.

It is limited to 8 in a group.

Time. 4-5.30PM

Cost $250.00 pp -Payment required seven days before commencement.

Contact Bev 0488 477 566. Email

Group Therapy for Children ages 6-12

Group Therapy for Children ages 6-12 years

Group Therapy assists children to work through psychological stressors in a safe and supportive environment.

Why Group Therapy?

Children are of similar age can communicate to each other. It is a powerful tool to assist children who suffer from anxiety, and social communication. Participants are selected in the group by their needs.

What Happens in Groups?

Participants feel heard and supported.

Participants gain confidence and self-esteem.

Friendships formed.

It Is private and confidential

The group runs fortnightly.

Limited to 8 in a group.

Time. 4-5.30PM

Cost $250.00 pp -Payment required seven days before commencement.


Contact Bev 0488 477 566. Email


Avoidance Behaviour- FREE CONSULTATION

Have you noticed any of the following.

Excessive shyness                  Avoiding social situations.

Constant worrying.


Complaint of frequent stomach-aaches or headaches

Regularly visiting sick bay at school

Clinking, crying and /or tantrums when serparated from family.

If you answer YES to any of these statments your child maybe suffering from anxiety.

First 10 callers to mention this post will receive a FREE consultation. Call Bev 0488 477 566


Workshops /Events in 2017/18

Helpiny Your Anxious Child       October

Raising Resilient Children         November

Cooll Kids Program-

Transition from Primary to Secondary   November

Preparing Yoiur Child for a New School Year .2018

Happy Parents -Stress Free Children- February.

Single Parenting

Preparing your children for family separation.


Call us for further information 0488 477 566

Facilators: Dr Yasmin Balitz:

Bev Kusterhappyfamilytwo

Venue: Narre Warren or

Venue of your choice for groups only.