Avoidance Behaviour- FREE CONSULTATION

Have you noticed any of the following.

Excessive shyness                  Avoiding social situations.

Constant worrying.


Complaint of frequent stomach-aaches or headaches

Regularly visiting sick bay at school

Clinking, crying and /or tantrums when serparated from family.

If you answer YES to any of these statments your child maybe suffering from anxiety.

First 10 callers to mention this post will receive a FREE consultation. Call Bev 0488 477 566


Workshops /Events in 2017/18

Helpiny Your Anxious Child       October

Raising Resilient Children         November

Cooll Kids Program-

Transition from Primary to Secondary   November

Preparing Yoiur Child for a New School Year .2018

Happy Parents -Stress Free Children- February.

Single Parenting

Preparing your children for family separation.


Call us for further information 0488 477 566

Facilators: Dr Yasmin Balitz:

Bev Kusterhappyfamilytwo

Venue: Narre Warren or

Venue of your choice for groups only.