Fees & Consulting Rooms

JHC does not accept Bulk Billing or Mental Health Plans. Please read below to see if you wish to use a Mental Health Plan.

Services offered by JHC is intended to be accessible as possible for clients so that you can access short or long term therapy without being limited by a mental health plan.

It is useful to consider how mental health plans work to decide whether this is the way you want to go. A mental health plan can  be obtained by seeing your GP and doing an assessment.  You are limited to 6-10 sessions per year on a mental health plan, after that you have to pay the full session fee if you want to continue seeing the same person. Medicare rebates are capped at $124.50 for a 50+ minute session or $84.80 for a 30-50 minute session. If the person charge is greater than this you pay the difference.

So if a session charge is $200.00 teen you pay the difference of $75.50 for a session until the sessions allowed to the mental health plan run to for the year. While the plan seem good there are some issues you must consider. They are limited for so any sessions a year. Once you start using the mental health plan they go on your medical record and may impact future employment.JHC can refer you to a Dr of Clinical Psychology wait list is long.

Bulk Billing is available at some services. If you have a Private Health Plan you maybe eligible for rebates. Medibank. BUPA Doctors Health Fund Police and Teacher Health fundsare some of the private health funds that give you this opportunity. Please speak to your insurer to check your level of extra cover before you decide.

Victim of Crime: Bev recognised as a Victim of Crime psychotherapist.


Fees for 60 minute session.     Zoom. FaceTime and Phone  Service available

Due to travelling costs to Moe  charges can differ. Only in Moe office fortnightly.

Child& Adolescent       $110.00-   $165.00

Individual                     $120.00-   $165.00

Families                        $135.00-     $200.00

Couples                        $135.00. —$ 180.00

Supervision                  $130..00

Parenting Sessions. 

 Individual     I hour sessions                  $135.00

Two parents(same family)                      $240..00

Group. Min 10.  90 min                           $80.00 per person 

Group Supervision. $30.00 PP Mim 4-  Max 6 per session

Students  -University etc   $100.00- $165.

 Online and Phone  Service available.

Online or phone counselling sessions must be paid for at least 24 hours prior to the session commencement. Once payment is made you will be sent a link to access the Zoom portal or a SMS will be sent to you for time of session via phone,  FaceTime. or Zoom.

Reports – $600.00. Letters $250.
Evenings Weekends Outreach fee is an extra $40.00
ID- 19. Lockdown and Beyond  Packages. These packages must be paid before commencement.


         When making a booking please refer to the packages on website

                6 Session for Adults.                                                 Cost $610.00      

                4 Sessions for Adolescents or Children.               Cost  $410.00     

                4 Sessions for Couples.                                             Cost $430.00     

               4 Session for Career Changes.                                 Cost $4410.00       

4 Sessions for Families max no 4 per family. Extra $5.00 per person    

                                Cost $430.00   

Workshops and Groups Fee on application

Concessions apply for seniors. pensioners and Health Cards.

Discount rates available upon request.

First visit. Fees must be paid prior to consulation. Direct Debit or Credit Card


Direct Debit.

Credit Card. Fee of 2% for credit cards


Discount if 6 sessions are paid upfront

Cancellation Policy      
Fees for cancellation of appointments will be charged if no replacement service is billed for the lost time. The following is a general guideline for the cancellation fees (per session):

0-24 hours notice:                             Full fee
24-48 hours notice:                          50% of fee
48 hour – 7 days notice:                   25% of fee
More than 7 days notice:                 No fee

Telephone and emails are rated by 15 minute slots. 


Consulting rooms. Narre Warren and  Moe
As from July 2023 Bev will be at Moe office every second Tuesday. Address is 6 Moore St. Moe. Appointments only.  You can contact Bev directly on her work mobile 0488 477 566.

Jumping Hurdles has access to a variety of consulting, meeting and training rooms, each providing an interesting setting, with the latest technology in a warm and inviting atmosphere.