Raising children and adolescents can be very demanding, and stressful. Having the strategies and tools enables parents to have a healthy relationship, with their children and removing stress out of parenting. Positive parenting gives children the skills to enable them to become self reliant, responsible individuals.

We have been invited by several school lately to run a parenting workshop on Raising Socially Strong and Emotionaly Secure Children. As a result from the positive feedback  received  from Principals and parents we will be running more of these workshops in Narre warren or at requested venues.

Professional Workshops:

Presenters. Dr Yasmin Baliz- Clinical Neuropsychologist.

                      Beverley Kuster- Psychotherapist & Counsellor.

Where Enjoy professional training in a relaxed learning environment- without the need to travel. We come to you- or you come to us. Its that easy.

What we offer: Professional Training.   Parenting Sessions.. Group Workshops

Case Consulation.. Information Nights.  Individual Therapy

Teachers. Parents. Dr Yasmin & Bev will assist youth the following issue                                                                                                                                        

Challenging behaviours.                                                                            

 School transition.

Building resilience

Self-esteem issues

Mindfulness in classroom.                                                                        .                                                                                      

Helping anxious children.

Trauma-informed teaching.

School Refusal                                                                   

Supporting students with development disorders.                          

Self-care and relaxation.                                                                            

Cool Kids Program                                                                              

Trauma informed  parenting.


Cool Kids Program.


                                      Social skills groups.

                                      Building self-esteem.

                                      Managing strong emotions.

                                     Relaxation and mindfulness techniques for kids.

                                      Individual Therapy.

Group Therapy

                                     Cool Kids Program.

Call us for further information on these workshops:  

Beverley     0488 477 566                                                                                                

  Dr Yasmin.  0455 956 464


Please contact me for further information regarding any of the workshops/seminars which we run 0488 477 566- or go Facebook page.