Workshops Teachers Parents Students

Dr Yasmin Baliz ( Clinical Neuropsychologist) and Beverleyoffer workshops for Teachers, Parent and Students.  We TRAVEL to you so you can enjoy professional training in a relaxed environment-without the need to travel.  We come to you-or you come to us. Its that easy.

What we offer. Professional Training. Parenting Sessions. Group Workshops.

Case Consultation. Information Day/Nights. 

Teachers.                                                                                                         PARENTS.                                           

Challenging behaviours.                                                                              School transition.

Mindfulness in classroom.                                                                          Building resilience.

Building resilience.                                                                                      Helping anxious children.

Trauma-informed teaching.                                                                      Working with school refusal.

Supporting students with development disorders.                           Building self-esteem.

Self-care and relaxation.                                                                            Psychoeducation.

Cool Kids Program                                                                                Trauma informed  parenting.

                                                                                                                        Cool Kids Program.


 Social skills groups.

                                      Building self-esteem.

                                      Managing strong emotions.

                                     Relaxation and mindfulness techniques for kids.

                                      Individual Therapy.

Cool Kids Program.

Call us for further information on these workshops:  Beverley     0488 477 566  

                                                                                                    Dr Yasmin.  0455 956 464